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A three-member board of Trustees, chosen in November of each odd-numbered year for a four-year term commencing on January 1, governs the township. One is elected the year before the residential election, while the other two are elected the year following. Additionally, there is an elected Fiscal Officer for the township who holds office for a term of four years starting on April 1 of the year following the election, which is held in November of the year before the Presidential election.

Charlie Harris -

Thora Green - Having grown up in the Atwater community, and retiring from teaching for over 30 years in the Waterloo School District, I decided to continue serving Atwater by running for Atwater Trustee.  I want to continue to foster that "small town" atmosphere, where neighbors help neighbors, and the idea of community is celebrated by all.  I also find being the Trustee Liaison to the Atwater Fire Department very exciting as we work to continue to provide excellent service to our township. 

Phone Number: (330) 760-0663

John Kovacich -


Lynn Allen - I'm a simple woman. I love my God, I love my family and friends, I love my country, and I love my town.

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